Forget Grayson & Jules: We Want Us Some Travis & Laurie

Or maybe that's just what I want. I admit it's been my Cougar Town guilty pleasure since day one, if only to see Jules' reaction to it (and you know, the fact they're so darn cute together). Creator Bill Lawrence himself said it could happen somewhere down the line...and Busy Phillips (Laurie) isn't far behind him in supporting the possible Cul-de-Sac Crew romance:

“I don’t think [it would be a jump-the-shark moment] because I think it’s weirdly something people have wanted to see since season one,” Philipps tells TVLine. “I think that what people respond to is that Dan and I are friends in real-life and that our ages aren’t that different. So, you see that chemistry come through on camera and people think it should be romantic between the characters.”

And we can definitely see that chemistry. But Travis' Dan Byrd isn't exactly "jumping" on the bandwagon.

“He did say it would be like kissing his big sister,” Philipps says of her co-star, who is only six years younger than her in real life. “I kind of know what he means.”

Well who cares what Dan wants? He's apparently the one behind Travis' new hairdo ( know we love you, Dan).

But back to Grayson and Jules (didn't think I'd actually forget them now, did you?). Josh Hopkins (Grayson) has the scary scoop on those two:

"A lot of the cocktails that we drink in Hawaii are real—and that makes for a lot worse acting. Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson have a little issue, which will continue on through season three, where she is maybe done having kids and he has not had any and sort of wants some—so that could be a continuing problem for them."

So what do you guys think? Who's for and who's against a Travis-Laurie romance? Hit the comments, and share your funniest Jules' responses too.

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