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Cougar Town Episode 15 "When a Kid Goes Bad": 4 Sneak Peeks

So we know Grayson's negative view of Valentine's Day. But just how negative is it? "It's a fake holiday. Created by candy companies to prey on sad and lonely women."

So who's the lucky lonely woman tonight? Apparently Jules, as she opts to spend this "fake" holiday with Grayson, as "just friends". And girls in the Cougar fan crowd, you're going to squeal at the surprise "now nice guy" Grayson has for her.

But Jules isn't the type to forget about that other guy in her life. Somehow, Jules still manages to keep an eye on Travis. No matter how much he may dislike not getting to go to that party. Indeed, what just happened?

"It's called parenting, Ellie. Try and keep up."

And there's your Jules Parenting Tip for the week. Enjoy these four sneak peeks for this week's new episode of Cougar Town, "When a Kid Goes Bad".


Source: TV OverMind