Cougar Town Due for a Name Change

Cougar Town Due for a Name Change

And it's not Cougar-Ville. Darn it.

Seriously though, in the 140-character words of showrunner Bill Lawrence (@VDoozer on Twitter):

Right now Friends with Beverages is at the top of the list of possible new show titles (and a favorite of title actress Courtney Cox). ABC said heck no to Sunshine State before, but now that one might be back on the table since the network's Mr. Sunshine got canceled.

Personally I like Cul-de-Sac Crew.

Even Busy Philipps (Laurie) and Dan Byrd (Travis) are in on the name-changing action. In a tweet to Bill Lawrence, Busy was all for it: "Honestly, I think if you change it, it should be totally different. Not even reminiscent of Cougar Town. Go for it! Seriously." Dan throws his two cents in the Penny Can, too:

"We've been fighting an uphill battle with [the title] since Day One. The great thing about a name like 'Cougar Town' is that you hear it once and you remember it forever. It's a very 'loud' title. But there's a connotation to the word 'cougar' that means a lot of people are going to be turned off right away by the title alone without even giving the show a chance."

What new title would make you give the show a chance? Let us know in the comments!

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