Dan Byrd's Experiences with the Cougar World

When it comes to his character Travis, Cougar Town's youngest cast member Dan Byrd is still figuring him out. Is it really believable that he could actually be the son of the actor-combo Courtney Cox (Jules) and Brian Van Holt (Bobby)? Are his TV mom's crazy antics just preparing him for the cougar world?

Cougar Town centers around Jules’ romantic life. Is Travis going to have some romance in his future, too?
Yes! Actually, the last two episodes we shot introduced a girlfriend character, which is exciting. A high-school sweetheart type. And, of course, in typical Cougar Town fashion, there are some tremendously awkward situations that arise with this girl. Hopefully that’s just a way of gradually transitioning me into the actual cougar world, because I’m ready to be preyed upon.

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