Count the Cougar Town Cameos: Dan Byrd on Body of Proof

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TV Line is tracking all the Cougar Town cast cameos across the networks, which comes in real handy if you're anything like me and not a huge TV buff (hey, I have my judgment).

So since there's a major CT shortage until midseason, I'll be doing a series of posts to let us in on where our favorite Cougar Towners have popped up!

Next up, Dan Byrd (Travis) on ABC's Body of Proof:

In the Nov. 29 episode, Detectives Morris and Baker feel out a barkeep about a girl with a dragon(fly) tattoo. Watch carefully in the background, at first, to spy Byrd nursing a drink. Moments later, after he moves to the bar, Morris walks right by him. Why so sad, Trav?