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Cougar Town Season 4 Episode 3 "Between Two Worlds" Guide

Bobby, still doing the mustache thing to look cooler? So not cool. Unless of course they're hinting at this Bobby spoiler tidbit here. Meanwhile, Laurie helps Travis get in touch with his "hero" side.

You can read our guide below for season 4 episode 3 of Cougar Town, "Between Two Worlds":

"Between Two Worlds" – Tuesday, Jan. 22, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

  • Jules begins to worry that her marriage to Grayson lacks passion. But when she enlists Ellie to start a verbal firestorm, things quickly get too heated.
  • Laurie helps Travis find his superpower.
  • And Bobby tries to shake things up by taking on a 'cooler' persona.

Source: TBS