Cougar Town Says "Aloha!" to Hawaii

Hey, ABC sent Modern Family to Hawaii, why not Cougar Town? Um, well maybe because there aren't enough pubs and wine bars over there to satisfy the bottomless pit that is Big Carl. Think any will put up with Bobby's "tab"?

But whether Hawaii can handle 'em or not, our "Cul-de-Sac crew" is heading over there for its season 2 finale. Perhaps a vacation to celebrate a certain occasion? While it does seem more likely it could commemorate a possible Jayson/Grules engagement or a party for Trav (not the dog), I think it would be more interesting if, like so many other parts of the series, they did something a little more unconventional. Like Tom rents a house over there and everyone's suddenly trying to get all buddy-buddy with him so they can (as is the usual) use him for their own evil purposes.

Taking guesses for the episode plot in the comments! What do you guys think the CDS crew will be doing in Hawaii?

Source: TV Line