Cougar Town Resumes Production

Still missing Cougar Town before you'll even notice the halt in production? Well, turns out we won't actually have to miss much because it's been confirmed that series production will start back up November 30, following the Thanksgiving holiday hiatus. Although no specifics have been discussed, for those concerned about Courtney Cox, she and her family are doing fine, according to Cox's reps.

So with that little hurdle out of the way, we can continue on with spoilers worry-free. Starting with some from Ian Gomez (Andy), courtesy of Watch with Kristin:

"We may be a happier family now, but there's tension with me and Grayson and with my wife coming up, and I'm gonna start some sort of fight with someone else," he told us. Also, look for some bonding time between Andy and Jules' son. "I'm taking young Travis under my wing and playing another father figure to him."

And what about the Lisa Kudrow episode? All we know is it has something to do with showing some skin:

"It was so fun," she told us. "Courteney [Cox] is great. She's really smart; she just knows what she's doing." As for her character, our guess is that Jules is looking into some high-tech antiaging skin treatment—although she probably won't end up with much. "I play a dermatologist who doesn't do anything," says Lisa.

Source: E! Online, Spoiler TV


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