Cougar Town Renewed, but Moved to Mid-Season

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Cougar Town is one of those shows I've always had faith in, but let's face it - until the series got a show makeover practically in the midst of its first season, CT was floundering. Now, while our "Cul-de-Sac Crew" doesn't quite ride as high on the success bandwagon as fellow ABC hit, Modern Family, the show, with its stellar cast, has become a hilarious half-hour of comedy in its own right.

So why the mid-season move?

Recently ABC announced its new schedule for next fall, pushing Cougar Town's third season premiere to the winter season instead of the usual fall season air date. Not only that, but CT will also get a new air date - Tuesdays - leading its own comedy block, rather than following in its previous Wednesday comedy slot. Which creator/showrunner Bill Lawrence thinks could actually be a good thing:

"To me, I'm a guy who is still intrigued why they don't just roll out shows year-round. 10 years ago, I would see FOX roll out shows in August, and it actually worked. I'm looking at this last TV season, and if I could go back in time and run a network for a year, I would take a show like "The Chicago Code" or "Lone Star" and find a place where I could roll them out where there was no pressure on them, where they weren't being overwhelmed by the masses. Give them a chance to get a toehold and develop creatively."

The plan is to reintroduce Cougar Town after Dancing with the Stars ends its fall run, leading its own Tuesday comedy block. Which means CT more than likely won't return for its third season until November.

Read more about the mid-season move, and what the cast and crew have planned to keep CT still going strong, in this interview with Bill Lawrence via HitFix.

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