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Cougar Town Episode 9 "Here Comes My Girl": Son of a Cougar

Most eighteen-year-old boys wouldn't be comfortable having any sort of sex talk with their mom. But Travis is son to no ordinary mom. And he thinks he's ready to cross into territory that has already been well-charted by his own mother. But just how does Jules feel about this idea?

"He tells his mom that he thinks he's ready to have sex for the first time with this girl," [Dan] Byrd tells "It unsettles her and she has to digest it and try to have that talk with him. There are some incredibly awkward and embarrassing situations that take place as she tries to navigate her way through this."

Find out more Travis-related spoilers from Byrd in his interview with TV Guide. Meanwhile, Grayson and Bobby might be put in an uncomfortable place as well:

It's Thanksgiving, and Grayson and Bobby both make confessions that put them at odds. I don't want to get you excited, but the episode also features a montage. Because what captures the holiday's spirit of gratitude better than Kenny Loggins' "Playin' with the Boys"?

Source: TV Guide


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