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Cougar Town Episode 16 "What Are You Doin' In My Life?": Casting Call Spoilers

Hmm.... This casting call doesn't give us that much insight into the actual story line of the episode itself, but it looks like we could have two intimidating women on our hands. And while they both have their extreme differences, they do have one thing in common so far: they're professional. Well, sort of.

Although we do have a couple clues about the episode as a whole - it's looking Bobby-oriented, at least a little bit, and Jules and Laurie are going to have another attractive lady thrown into the mix. Those have got to mean something, right?

Enjoy the spoilers below in the casting call for Cougar Town episode 16, "What Are You Doin' In My Life?".


[BETHANY] 27-30, Attractive, Professional, Any Ethnicity. She is looking to buy a condo and Jules and Laurie are showing her one. 4 lines, Co-star,

[WOMAN (MUGGER)] 35-40, physically intimidating. She mugs Bobby. 1 line, Co-star.

Source: SpoilerTV