Cougar Town Episode 15 “When a Kid Goes Bad”: Promotional Photos

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January 26, 2010

Cougar Town is always chock full of memorable moments, and a Valentine’s episode is certainly no exception. We have some Bobby/Travis bonding time…Jules taking down Christmas lights…and Andy serenading?

“When a Kid Goes Bad” – Jules looks to avoid spending Valentine’s Day alone, on ABC’s “Cougar Town,” WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10 (9:30-10:01 p.m., ET). When everyone else makes plans for Valentine’s Day, Jules looks to Grayson for company, only to learn he hates the holiday. Meanwhile, Bobby and Jules are at an impasse over letting Travis go to a party where he’ll undoubtedly be drinking, Ellie is determined to triumph as alpha dog overGrayson, and Laurie meets Smith’s dad (Barry Bostwick).

Check out these promotional photos for episode 15 of Cougar Town, “When a Kid Goes Bad” (the Valentine’s Day episode).


Source: TV OverMind