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Cougar Town Episode 15 "When a Kid Goes Bad": Casting Call Spoilers

Aww...Bobby's getting a Valentine's Day date. Which can only mean one thing - Valentine's Day is coming up for Jules too, and surely she'll have something to say about it. And I don't just mean about the holiday. After her attitude in last night's episode ("Rhino Skin"), I'm guessing maybe we can hope to expect some date-crashing?

That would certainly be funny.

Enjoy, casting call spoilers for episode 15 of Cougar Town, "When a Kid Goes Bad".


[GARDENER] - 30s-50s, portly Mexican with a mustache. Ellie's gardener. He speaks broken English with an accent. 1 line, Co-Star,

[CAROL] - 45, rough around the edges, a bit past her prime. Bobby's Valentines Day date. 1 line, Co-Star.

Source: SpoilerTV