Cougar Town Episode 14: Bobby's Big Boat Bash

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December 11, 2009

Though the actual episode title is yet to be confirmed, we just got some juicy casting call/side spoilers for episode 14 of Cougar Town. In this episode, it appears Grayson is revisited by his hot yet psychotic ex-girlfriend who changes appearance to magically morph into her “twin sister”, or as Grayson himself puts it, “crazy fake twin”.

These couple of scenes are great, meshing the typical off-beat humor of Cougar Town with the kind of funny that’s laugh-out-loud. First we have some cute banter between Jules’ son Travis and younger best bud, Laurie in a conversation where she asks him to be her role model for good decision making:


See, you make good decisions. I always make crappy ones. I need someone like you to run stuff by. You know, like a conscience. Will you be my conscience?


Will you let me watch you shower sometime?




Okay, that was a test. You should’ve said no.

Then it’s Bobby’s big boat bash of a party, and it’s getting pretty wild. A little too wild for Grayson, as he comes face to face yet again with his crazy ex-girlfriend, Sandy. Later on he comes face to face with her twin, Brandy. But Grayson’s not the only one with “crazy” problems. Andy’s trying to get Ellie to let him off her leash so he can stay at the party, and it ends up being more on the easy side than anything. Could it have something to do with some behind-the-scenes flirting from Ellie?

And where’s Jules in all this?

Source: SpoilersGuide