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Cougar Town Episode 14 "All the Wrong Reasons": 2 Sneak Peeks

It all started with a simple photo on a cell phone. The woman-war to top all woman-wars - the war over who gets "dibs" on the hot teacher. Ellie's tennis teacher, to be exact. Except now Jules has her eye on the same guy.

"You can't call dibs, you're married!"

But you know Jules, the conversation promptly moves all the way down to...wearing body parts? Huh?

"Look at that cute little button-nose. I'd like to put that on a string and wear it around my neck."

"Sweetie, when you say people's body parts are so adorable that you want to wear them, it makes you seem a little 'serial killery'."

Watch these two sneak peeks for episode 14 of Cougar Town, "All the Wrong Reasons" (airing Feb 3).


Source: Hulu