Season 1 Episode 10 episode 10

Cougar Town Episode 10 "Mystery Man": Casting Call

Four mystery guys and a gal revealed in this casting call for Cougar Town, episode 10:

[RICHARD] Early - Mid 40s, attractive and dynamic. He is a NY business man who has come looking for real estate in Florida. He is an opinionated and difficult client that Jules finds herself attracted to. Recurring Guest Star...3 consecutive episodes.

[CLYDE] Late 20s - Late 30s, In-shape spin instructor. Turns from friendly to borderline abusive on a dime. Can be gay or straight. Please submit all ethnicities. 2 scenes, 8 lines. Co-Star, Scale +10%

[RYAN] 28, gorgeous Abercrombie type. Jules approaches him while he is modeling jeans outside the store where he works and asks him out. Actor must have an amazing body...will be shirtless. 3 scenes, 10 lines. Co-star, Scale + 10%.

[GIRLFRIEND] Late 20s, bimmy, hot. Jules is showing a house to an older guy she is dating. 2 scenes, 3 lines. Co-Star, Scale + 10%

[MR. LAVERY] 70s. Owner of a house that Jules is showing. He catches Jules making out with the prospective buyer on their rug. 2 scenes, 1 line. Co-Star, Scale +10%