Cougar Town Cameos: Who's Jumping on the Bandwagon Next?

Cougar Town Cameos: Who's Jumping on the Bandwagon Next?

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With the Cougar Town cast popping up in cameos on various ABC shows, it was only a matter of time before other networks started hopping on the Cougar Town cameo bandwagon.

TV Land has expressed an interest in snagging a certain handsome, beady-eyed face to appear in a brief, non-speaking role for one of their popular (lady-populated) comedies:

TV Land is jumping on the Cougar Town Cameo bandwagon! Sources confirm that Josh Hopkins [Grayson] will turn up in a January episode of Hot in Cleveland!

I could even picture a full-on guest stint for Josh Hopkins on Hot in Cleveland, but who can complain about even a non-speaking cameo? Dude doesn't have to speak to be awesome. Where can you imagine Josh popping up in good ol' Cleveland?

While we're on the subject of cameos and TV Land, Donald Faison of The Exes, would totally be up for a cameo of his own on Cougar Town. You know, if the crew doesn't get to Jaleel White, Taye Diggs, or Donald Glover first. Obviously he is unfamiliar with Laurie's (Busy Philipps) obsession with Taye Diggs:

Sadly, Faison said that “nothing is currently in the works” for him to become one of the Scrubs alums to journey to Cougar Town, though he’s game if the opportunity presents itself. “That would be fun,” he enthused, adding with a laugh, “I’m sure if there ever comes a time they’re looking for a handsome, young, African-American man, they’d go to me and not Jaleel White or Taye Diggs or Donald Glover…. I would hope!”

But who's to say that Donald Faison can't star as a handsome, young, African-American dude who's into Laurie and plays along when she thinks he's Taye Diggs. That is a win-win Cougar Town episode plot line if ever there was one.

Sound off in the comments about Josh Hopkins on Hot in Cleveland, and other Cougar Town cameos past, present, and possible-future.

Source: TV Line