Busy Philipps on a Condensed Cougar Town Season 3 and What's Coming Up for Laurie/Travis

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What with Man Up's time slot up for grabs now (and based on this scooplet here, I know there are more of you out there!), we Cougar Town fans have kind of been hoping that season 3 will be airing sooner than we've heard (spring...sigh).

Sadly though, ABC's new series, Work It will be replacing Man Up's time slot, so looks like fans of Jules and her Cul-de-Sac Crew will have to wait a little while longer. Even CT's Busy Philipps (Laurie) agrees that "it sucks":

“The writers have amazing stuff planned out for this season, and now they’re going to have to condense,” she says. “I feel bad for them. I feel bad for everyone. It’s a bummer. It sucks.”

The quirky ABC comedy only just found its TV footing within its last season, and now because of its push closer to midseason, its season 3 has been cut down from 22 episodes to just 15. Busy reminds us that we shouldn't be too bummed out though because season 3 of Cougar Town is some of the show's best:

"[It's] some of the funniest work we’ve done since the beginning of the show. I’ve seen a couple of the episodes. The one Courteney [Cox] directed came out incredible.”

In addition to the usual non-Cougar hilarity (unless of course, Bobby, Andy, and Grayson unleash a real live cougar sometime in the near future), Busy tells us we can also look forward to a couple other things. First up, a new member of the cast:

Plus, teases Philipps, there’s a new addition to the cast with major breakout potential: Briga Heelan, who’s been cast as the very young woman Grayson (unwittingly) impregnated years ago. “[Briga] is threateningly funny. She’s so good! She’s going to be a huge star,” Philipps predicts. “You heard it from me first.”

And last but never least - we can look forward to more fun interaction between Laurie and Travis (Dan Byrd):

“There’s a really good episode toward the beginning of the season where the two of us discuss our relationship a little bit,” Philipps explains. “It’s funny and sweet.”

Not only will they discuss it, might there be room for a little Trav jealousy? You'll want to check out this cool little spoiler via Michael Ausiello:

Laurie falls for a military dude who’s stuck in the Middle East, and their only means of communication is via Skype. Enter Travis, who reluctantly agrees to become the Whoopi Goldberg to the soldier’s Patrick Swayze.

I don't know about you, but that's one storyline I'm definitely rooting to make it into season 3. Any other Laurie/Travis fans out there as excited as I am for this development?

Source: TV Line