Anything New in Cougar Town? The Latest from Courtney Cox

Anything new besides marketing penny can, you mean (yes, I'm still stoked about that, in case you're wondering). Well, there is something. But first, Courtney Cox answers a question that's been burning our minds since that special guest star at the start of the season - will Jennifer Aniston and her awesomeness be back in "Town"?

"I don't think she will come back on the show. That is the busiest woman ever. I would love it if she wanted to."

So would we! But here are some real spoilers, straight from the leading woman herself:

"The characters get richer and richer and maybe someone is going to want to have a kid, and maybe someone's not," Cox says. "Maybe someone runs away and starts to act more like their father, maybe not."

Oh, I can totally guess the "whos" in these scenarios. Not sure if I'll be able to handle Travis turning into Bobby though. On the other hand....

Source: E! Online