Andy's Ring is at it Again: First Look at Nia Vardalos

After seeing Bobby and Laurie sell Penny Cans and watching Baby Stan lock himself in a closet, I'm starting to wonder how it's possible that this show keeps getting better and better. And this gem just proves it:

Everything seems normal when Vardalos pops up on C-Town as Andy’s sister-in-law (the lovely wife of his brother), but then…bam! She becomes a touchy-feely-flirty monster (as is clearly demonstrated in the photos below), much to the dismay of Ellie (Christa Miller).

In fact, Vardalos pushes so many of Lady Torres’ buttons, she enlists the help of frenemy Laurie (Busy Philipps) to get rid of the nuisance-in-law.

Whoo, and check out the promo photos:

Definitely the ring. Who's excited?

Source: TV Line