Andy's Mom is Coming to Cougar Town? C'mon!

We've heard that Ian Gomez (Andy) has been trying to get his wife, Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) cast on the show and with all of Andy's other snazzy relatives we keep hearing all about, there's bound to be some fun in that.

And what luck! It seems the writers are writing Andy's mama in for a visit - just for the purpose of getting under Ellie's skin, I'm sure. She's being described as a Latina in her 60-70s with a "strong personality" (sound like anyone we know?), and she also happens to love giving her son some loving. Yep, you can bet that this woman won't exactly be sitting well with the "cold one".

Though the original Mrs. Torres has not yet been cast, Michael Ausiello of EW's Ask Ausiello has his guess raring to go - Rita Moreno (West Side Story, Oz). Let's hope for everybody's sake that it's more than just a guess because, "c'mon!", how perfect would that be?

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide