The Writers of 'Community' Teased What's In-Store In Season 4

The Writers of 'Community' Teased What's In-Store In Season 4

Zap2it shared their unique opportunity to chat with the hilarious minds behind NBC's out-of-the-box comedy, Community. The writers spilled the beans last Feb. 9 in an event called CommuniCon, a fan convention for the program.

Here are the spoilers:

Two unproduced episodes of "Community" featured a dance-off and a story in which the group takes a Nicolas Cage film-appreciation class.

In the second episode, they would have had to watch all of the actors many, many films. Annie (Alison Brie) was to take all of Cage's romances to watch. Then she would go insane.

The Feb. 21 episode, "Conventions of Space and Time," takes place at an Inspector Spacetime convention in which we see characters from the fictional show's universe. One of them is a villain named The Almighty Umlaut.

We will get to see another Abed-produced student film in Season 4. There will also be a podcast.

'Community' airs every Thursday on NBC.