Community Spoilers: Will There Be Any Jeff/Annie Romance in Season 5?

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December 17, 2013

Community - Season 5Now that Dan Harmon is back in charge of Community, will Jeff and Annie be getting together romantically? Not in Season 5, according to spoilers that Gillian Jacobs told TV Line:

“Overall, it’s been a less romance-heavy season,” Gillian Jacobs tells us. “It’s more about each of us having adventures together or in pairs, but not as much romance.” That said, in Episode 2, Annie takes measures to be “closer” to (or keep an eye on?) Jeff, while Episode 3 reveals that, in certain situations, she calls Jeff her “uncle.”

Do you want to see Jeff and Annie get together?

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    No. I wanna see two good looking villains in team work of maximizing villainship!!!