Community Spoilers: The Cast Previews Season 4!

Community Spoilers: The Cast Previews Season 4!

In celebration of the epic return of Community tonight, we're here to offer you a great deal of bat shit crazy spoilers!

In a report from TV Line, the stars previewed what's in store for their characters inside Greendale as they face senior year in Community season 4. Start spoiling yourelves away!

Jim Rash,  Dean Pelton's portrayer teased that his character is “still pining after Jeff” in a major way in Season 4.

“The dean is much more aggressive this year as far as trying to push the line to see if [something with Jeff] will happen, which has been a joy. One moment that I loved [this season] is when Jeff goes to his office and says, ‘Dean, I need you,’ and then I just go, ‘It’s happening…’."

Shirley and Troy teams up, Yvette Nicole Brown reveals:

“Donald and I have worked together probably four or five times already this season. It’s been a lot, even just small, little conversations. But we’ve also had a full episode.”

Allison Brie teased a major case of senioritis for Annie:

"Annie ends up finding a new direction in forensics. It kind of makes sense because it touches on things from past seasons, like the Law & Order episode — even though she was more the lawyer in that episode.”

Fans should excpect holiday episodes to air out of whack in season 4 ---

“So we tried to work in a line that was like, ‘Yes, this is great in the house. Or it could also work for Valentine’s Day — or whenever people might see it.’ I hope that that line makes it in. It’s very Community, that somehow we’re going to be having a Halloween episode in March.”

TV Line was very generous to share this excerpt of Mchale and Rash' improv while discussing the addition of Malcolm McDowell ---

McHale: Malcolm McDowell is tremendous. He plays our history professor and he sounds like he has a checkered past. He might not be the happiest person in the world…
Rash: A manic-depressive.
McHale: Yes, and I couldn’t believe I was shooting with him.
Rash: And I don’t think he could. Malcolm pulled me aside and said, ‘Is this the best Joel can do?‘
McHale: Wow. He pulled you aside and said that?
Rash: Yeah, he said, ‘Jim, you and I get each other because we’re classically trained actors.’
McHale: That’s funny because he said to me, ‘Why is Moby here?’
Rash: And then he said to me that that was just a bit to make you like him.
McHale: Really?! Cause he came to me and said, ‘I just called him Moby and he cried like a baby. I’m going to go call him Steven Soderbergh now!’
Rash: Smash cut to Malcolm and I working together now.
McHale: On what?
Rash: This movie. It’s Clockwork Orange 2.
McHale: Ummm, I feel like you’re making that up.
Rash: Maybe… Next question!

Last but not the least,  John McHale teased Jeff's reunion with his MIA father, James Brolin.

“He took pity on us and accepted being on the show — and he was great. I don’t want to give out too many details, but… he dies. He really nailed the part. You always hear people gushing about that stuff, but I really enjoyed him and I hope he’s back again.”

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