Community Spoilers: New Executive Producers Talk Season 4

Community Spoilers: New Executive Producers Talk Season 4

With the Community premiere delayed, we have to wait longer to see Season 4. But new Executive Producers David Guarascio and Moses Port still provided some spoilers on what we can expect when the show finally airs.

  • Jeff meeting his father will change him, perhaps in a way that will make him more attractive to Britta. Too bad she'll be dating Troy! Guarascio explained:

"If Britta (Gillian Jacobs) has looked at Jeff as a guy who always has all these walls around him, the defining characteristic, and maybe that was a turnoff — well, when some of those walls start to come down, what does that mean to their relationship? And it’s in the same season when she and Troy are exploring things because at the same time, he’s coming into his own as a man even while he holds onto this great childlike enthusiasm in his relationship with Abed (Danny Pudi)."

  • The changes that come with senior year will have a huge impact on all the characters, but especially on Abed. Guarascio again:

"Because senior year is a year of change, that’s a little difficult for everyone, but for Abed in particular. Change has always been hard for that character, and the crushing reality that 'this all might end' really hits home with him in this first episode. He’s a guy who’s always used his imagination as both solace and defense, sometimes for good, sometimes for bad, and he’s been encouraged by Britta: 'Go to your happy place whenever you need to if things are getting stressful.' And for Abed, the act of imagination that he has may spiral him a little further away from reality."

  • Future episodes include Troy and Shirley taking a class called Physical Education Education, which teaches them how to teach gym; the Dean courting a new prospective student who is very wealthy and very lazy — like a young Pierce — to fill the school’s coffers with money from library fines to taking double classes and not finishing them; and the study group waging a World War II-like battle against the Germans, who decide the study room is theirs.
  • The 13th episode can work as a show ender, if need be. Guarascio gave details:

"We’ll hear about more episodes before we shoot 13, so if we do get some more, we can plan for it. Let’s say we have a finale in mind now, and we find out soon enough if we get to make more; we can then slot them in and just move those over a little bit. The trick will be finding a way that it feels like we’re organically building toward the end. It’s a little tricky, but it’s the situation."

Keep checking back for more spoilers and for news on when the show will return!

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