Community Spoilers: Chevy Chase Is Leaving the Show

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November 21, 2012

Pierce is dropping out of Greendale. Deadline reports that Chevy Chase is leaving Community, effective immediately.

The news is not all that shocking, as Chase has had a tumultuous relationship with the show’s producers over the seasons, and he has not made his displeasure a secret. He has hinted multiple times of his desire to leave. And who can forget the profanity-laced tirades he leveled at creator Dan Harmon?

Chase will be in most of the Season 4 episodes, as the bulk of them have already been shot. He will not appear in the 2 left to be filmed; he will appear in the season finale, which has already been filmed. Community returns on February 7.

Are you happy or sad to see Chase go?

  • Ilija

    So freakin’ happy.
    I believe that’s mostly because of his attitude that Dan Harmon was fired, prick got what he had to get.