Community Season 5 Spoilers: What’s Annie Up to, and Who Will Replace Pierce?

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December 13, 2013

Community - Season 5What will our favorite overachiever Annie be up to in Season 5 of Community? And who will be replacing Pierce in the study group? Read on for spoilers from TV Line.

  • Annie’s keeping a watchful eye on Mr. Winger as he enters this new stage of his Greendale existence. Alison Brie also will get to play with guest star Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad) when Annie and Professor Hickey get wrapped up in planning an event for the college.
  • I can’t yet vouch for any Troy “replacement” plan, but by the end of Season 5′s second episode, someone else is sitting in Pierce’s seat at the study group table, and it’s a very awesome choice.

Who do you think will be replacing Pierce? Share your thoughts before the first two episodes of the season air on January 2 on NBC.

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