‘Community’ Season 4 Spoilers: Will Britta Come Between Abed and Troy?

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October 2, 2012

Could Britta’s burgeoning relationship with Troy, plus a new girl for Abed, break up the boys’ bromance in Season 4 of Community? EOnline has the spoilers from Danny Pudi himself!

Manic pixie dream girls are officially taking over, y’all! Their next stop? NBC’s quirky comedy, where one named Kat, who is pretty cute and energetic, pops up to flirt with Abed. So should Troy be jealous? He’s too busy with Britta! “You will see how [Troy and Britta] affects Abed and Troy,” Danny Pudi tells us. “One thing we discovered and explored last year was that rift between Abed and Troy. Although they are together as one unit, Trobed, they do have also pursue individual lives…their rift last year explored what would they be like alone. Troy with Britta will explore that a little more, how that relationship is going to affect Kickpuncher movie nights.”