‘Community’ Season 4 Spoilers: A Dancing Guest Star, Plus Hints on Troy and Abed’s Halloween Costume

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October 8, 2012

I love starting the week with some good Community spoilers! We have details on a new guest star, plus intel on Troy and Abed’s sure-to-be-awesome Halloween costume!

TVLine reports that Brie Larson will be appearing in the seventh episode of Season 4. You might know her from United States of Tara or 21 Jump Street. Who Larson is playing, however, is a secret, for now.

What we can tell you is that said episode revolves around Dean Pelton planning a “Sadie Hawkins” dance (that’s when the lady asks the guy to the dance). In true Britta fashion, she plans a competing “Sophie B. Hawkins” dance in protest…because she’s confused Sophie B. Hawkins with Susan B. Anthony. I make that mistake all the time.

Zap2It brings Halloween news: Troy and Abed will be dressing up in a joint costume! Danny Pudi gives us a little tease:

“It shows you that Troy and Abed are in a good place in their relationship to be able to dedicate Halloween to each other. Secondly, it’s a costume that our fans are really going to appreciate.”

Any guesses on what they’ll be wearing?