Community Season 4 Episode 5 “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations” Spoilers: First Look Photos of Jeff’s Dad

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February 21, 2013

Updated with new spoilers from Joel McHale! It’s Thanksgiving mixed with Father’s Day for the March 7 episode of Community, “Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations.” And we have some great spoiler photos for your first look at James Brolin as Jeff’s estranged dad, William.

While most of the study group is suffering through Thanksgiving dinner at Shirley’s, Jeff and Britta head to William’s place for a father-son reunion. But guest star James Brolin tells EW that the meeting is filled with awkwardness and discomfort:

“From the moment he opens the front door, whatever he says is just off. And when Jeff says something and he answers, it’s just not on the same track at all. There’s probably something very sad about this, but there’s something very funny and recognizable about it…Good comedy is about real stuff….The father tries but I just don’t think he fits in a lot of places. And a lot of his answers are from left field.”

But Executive Producer Moses Port notes that Jeff doesn’t fall far from the paternal tree, personality-wise: “You’re dealing with a charming, charismatic, confident intelligent who invented a lot of the tricks that Jeff has at his disposal.”

New spoilers! So how does Jeff react to meeting his dad? Not the way he expected, as Joel McHale tells EOnline:

[James] was great. He was a real goofball which I was not expecting, which was really good for Jeff’s dad. Not goofball in his performance, but he was a really funny, like gregarious guy and it made his character very dynamic. He’s a warm, likeable guy which is not what Jeff wanted.”

What do you think of Brolin from these spoilers and photos? Do you like him as Jeff’s dad? Or are you still wishing they had gotten Bill Murray? Hit the Comments!