Community Season 4 Episode 3 “Conventions of Space and Time” Spoilers: Jeff and Annie in a Hotel Room Together??

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January 29, 2013

The recent Community promo shows Annie looking nervous while sitting on a hotel room bed. That got fans wondering if she’s nervous because she is sharing that bed with Jeff. EOnline has the answer in the form of spoilers for that episode, “Conventions of Space and Time.”

Not exactly [sharing the bed], but her nerves are related to Jeff. The duo sneak away from the rest of the gang while at an Inspector Spacetime convention, but Annie’s feelings are hurt when Jeff isn’t exactly looking to just hang out with her. Don’t worry, the hotel’s entire staff is on “Mrs. Winger’s” side.

Word is Jeff would rather spend time with guest star Tricia Helfer’s Inspector Spacetime fan at the hotel bar. Do you wish that Jeff would just get with Annie already?

  • beber

    Ugh Come one just be together already :D