Community Spoilers: Jeff Winger's Dad is Coming in Season 4! But First, Who's Playing the Role?

Community Spoilers: Jeff Winger's Dad is Coming in Season 4! But First, Who's Playing the Role?

TV Line confirms that Jeffrey Winger's Daddy issues are about to be exposed upclose and personal on the NBC hit comedy, Community. On the return of the phenomenal series on season 4, we shall see Jeff finally getting a full circle storyline about his estranged father. But as much as that news is super exciting to see before our eyes in Greendale, the potential actor to play Jeff's dad is still an apparent mystery.

However, not to feel weary because TV Line gave us a shortlist of people in Hollywood to play the interesting role of Jeff's dad. So, without further ado the list included:

BILL MURRAY | An obvious pick, given that it was the one name Community creator Dan Harmon floated when asked to dream cast the role. Given his ability to play both subtle (Lost in Translation) and broad (What About Bob?), we think the Saturday Night Live vet would be more than capable of bringing Jeff’s father to life – plus, it’d of course be a hoot to see him in action alongside former feud partner Chevy Chase (Pierce).

JIM CARREY | If the casting were based on craniums alone, the Ace Ventura star would have this in the bag. That resemblance aside, Carrey’s oeuvre (The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) proves he’s capable of shelving his signature mugging when the project calls for it.
(Too young, you say? Let’s remember that the guy who played Pierce’s pop was 12 years Chevy Chase’s junior.)

JOHN LARROQUETTE | The TV vet who made his name in Night Court would be right at home in a series that has featured a musical episode, an anime interlude and six timelines stuffed into a half-hour show. And if Jeff’s dad is half the reprobate his son thinks he is, we see Larroquette nailing the part with smarm to spare.

MICHAEL KEATON | Aside from a 2011 episode of 30 Rock, filmdom’s original Batman/Beetlejuice hasn’t done TV in quite some time – even more reason Keaton would be a great get. Can’t you picture his dry sense of humor in action alongside McHale’s deadpan snark?

BRUCE WILLIS | Though he’s best known as a Die Hard action hero, let’s not forget that playing Moonlighting goof David Addison put Willis on the comedy map (and he had a recurring gig on Friends as one of Rachel’s beaus). Despite his relative youth – he’s only got about 17 years on McHale — we think Willis would be quite believable as the guy who left Mrs. Winger and little Jeff in the lurch.

CORBIN BERNSEN | Though he’s already got a gig on Psych, maybe USA Network would lend Bernsen to sister outlet NBC’s Community for a brief, buzzy visit? We definitely wouldn’t mind seeing the onetime L.A. Lawyer puffed up with Arnie Becker arrogance as he mocks meets the Greendale Gang.

Source: TV Line