Chuck Spoilers: Vivian Finds Herself Thrust Into the Spy World

Here are the latest Chuck spoilers from Ausiello about new G-woman (Robin Givens) and Lauren Cohan's character Vivian:

Look for the new G-woman played by Robin Givens to butt heads with General Beckman when the former arrives on the scene this spring. Also, I uncovered a few more details about the new Vivian character being played by Supernatural‘s Lauren Cohan. Per a Chuck source, Vivian finds herself thrust into the spy world and quickly discovers that she has a lot in common with Chuckles.

TV Guide also (partially) spoils when will Ellie give birth on Chuck:

Soon! But don't expect the delivery to go as planned. "Captain Awesome crumbled in the spy world, but when it comes to the baby being delivered, it might make the spy world look kind of easy," Ryan McPartlin says. "He might be ready to go on a mission after this."