Spoilers About Chuck's Real Father and Mysterious Laura

Here are some of the latest Chuck spoilers we haven't posted yet.

In an interview with Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz, the show's executive producers make it completely clear that Timothy Dalton is not Chuck's real father, saying that would desecrate the memory of Scott Bakula's Steven J. Bartowski. They don't give out any major new details, but the interview is well worth reading for an overview of where these thirteen episodes are headed. [TV Guide]

In another interview, Chris Fedak explains how one reconciles Steven Bartowski's final message that Chuck was destined to be a spy with the fact that he accidentally got the intersect downloaded into him:

I think it was a bit of a coincidence. I don't think Stephen J. Bartowski wanted his son to be a spy, but by hook or by crook he became one – kind of like how the Godfather didn't choose Michael to run the family, and yet he was perfectly fit to do that. [Pauses] I like how I just compared ‘Chuck' to an Academy Award-winning film. But the notion of what Steven said is what we explore this year: "Am I the person my father thought I was?"

Again, there's plenty more at the link. [Fancast]

Supermodel-turned-actress Katie Cleary will play the mysterious Laura (who is, in all probability, some sort of spy) in the first few episodes of the new season. She explained her character thus:

Laura is a flight attendant who works for Marco, Dolph Lundgren's character. She may be a little more than just a flight attendant, though!