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Chuck Season 4 Episode 16 and 17 Spoilers: Titles and Guest Starts

Below you can find some spoilers from Chuck TV on episodes 16 and 17 as well as the video interview with Yvonne Strahovski.

  • Episode sixteen is apparently now "Chuck vs. the Masquerade", a change from the reputed original title "Chuck vs. the First Mate."
  • Episode 16 reportedly involves a masquerade party at a British manor, which serves as an introduction for Robin Givens's CIA power broker.
  • The seventeenth episode is reportedly called "Chuck vs. the Bank of Evil" and features two main guest stars: Riley, a possibly recurring lawyer in his 50's, and Henry VIII. That probably isn't the real monarch, but rather an impersonator of some sort. The Bank of Evil itself is a corrupt bank guarded by Asian mercenaries and managed by the evil Mr. Aleixo.

Star Yvonne Strahovski discusses where Sarah is headed the rest of the season: