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Chuck Spring 2011 Promo Preview & Episode 14 Spoilers

Below you can find latest Chuck spoilers we have found across the net. Not much be we want to update you on every little spoiler bit that's available online, it will be a lot of time till we get new Chuck episode.

We have learned that in episode 14 (Chuck versus The Seduction Impossible) Roan will return to demonstrate his skill-set again. [Chuck Gasmic]

Linda Hamilton discussed her character and whether Chuck's mom might actually be a villain. She's intrigued by the idea, but admits she doesn't actually know either way:

As an actor, it would be so much fun if Mary Elizabeth turned out to be a baddie. [Laughs] But, looking at my longevity, being good would better serve me. I want to stay on this show! And, besides, poor Chuck needs a mom.

So the writers intend to string us along for a while?

Apparently. [Laughs] And I'm getting ulcers over it! Mary is walking a very tight wire here, and nobody has told me where this is headed. It's the first time I've ever played a character where I don't know what's really going on.

[TV Guide]

Chuck return in seven weeks.