Chuck Season 4 Episode 16 “Chuck vs. the First Mate” Casting Calls

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January 26, 2011

Here’s a lengthy casting call for Chuck season 4 episode 16, “Chuck vs. the First Mate”:

  • FEMALE (mid 20s; Caucasian) – VIVIAN. 25, beautiful, charming, intelligent – a sophisticated socialite. Currently enrolled at Oxford studying history. She thinks her father is an oil tycoon, but in truth he is a criminal mastermind. Must be comfortable on and able to ride horses. MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR;
  • MALE (late 30s; Caucasian) – BORIS. Arrogant, International Assassin. Must speak multiple languages including Russian, Italian, German and English. Casual about his assassin ways, think Clive Owen. GUEST STAR;
  • FEMALE (40s; Caucasian) – JANE BENTLEY. 40, the Director of NCS. This woman oozes power and control. She has come to make an offer to Casey (Adam Baldwin).


  • MALE (50s; Caucasian) – JUREK. 50, Russian man. Must speak Russian. CO-STAR;
  • FEMALE (mid 30s; Caucasian) – ANTONIA. 35, sexy, Italian. Must speak Italian. CO-STAR;
  • MALE (late 30s; Caucasian) – CHRISTOPH. 38, husky German man. Must speak German. CO-STAR

Source: New Faces