More Chuck Season 3 Finale Spoilers

More Chuck Season 3 Finale Spoilers

There's lots of spoiler action going down, but truthfully I'm happiest that Casey's beloved Crown Vic is going to come back, and better than ever. Besides that, there's love, loss, and a mustache.

We've gathered some season 3 finale photos which you can click on to see in larger form. Although I think the smaller Jeff and Lester are, the less creepy they are. But whatever floats your boat. Those particular pictures, by the way, are from the

"worst music video of all time"

a la Josh Schwartz. This ridiculous (and sure to be hilarious) music video will be featured at the climax of the finale. But can it top the Mr. Roboto scene of Season 2? We'll just have to wait and see.

In other news, the season finale will showcase

at least one significant death, a childhood flashback with Chuck (Zachary Levi), Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), and Pops Bartwoski (Scott Bakula), and “two big game-changing twists” that exec producer Josh Schwartz promises will top last year’s. Casey’s Crown Vic returns in a big way. Chuck has a mustache in the episode. Big Mike will have a very romantic scene with a Subway sandwich.

One of the game changing twists could be the elsewhere reported switcheroo of loyalty; but let's all hope that the Subway sandwich scene won't be the only romance featured in the finale.

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