Chuck Spoilers - Chuck & Sarah, Linda Hamilton Interview, Thanksgiving episode

Here are the latest Chuck spoilers about Chuck's relationship with Sarah, Linda Hamilton's first interview about her new role as Mary Elizabeth Bartowski and an interview with Zachary Levi and Josh Gomez.

Are Chuck and Sarah are finally just happy together?

Yes, they're happy all right. Happy and cohabiting and—sexting! There is lots of sexting going on, but Morgan (Joshua Gomez) is responsible for most of it. (Promise you'll understand what that means after you watch tonight's premiere.) Thankfully, Chuck and Sarah really do seem happy together, and more lovey-dovey than ever.

Linda Hamilton has given her first interview about her new role as Mary Elizabeth Bartowski. Here's how she describes the character:

Well, Mary Bartowski is the absentee mother of Chuck and Ellie and the most that I can really say about her is that ... she is not your ordinary homemaker. She disappeared because she was deep undercover as a spy. So she comes back into Chuck's life with an agenda and you know, she is definitely a strong, forceful [woman] — definitely a force to be reckoned with. It ain't all apologies and sentiment, that's for sure. She has her own agenda and it just kind of goes crazy from there. But we like crazy.

She also says she thinks the Thanksgiving episode is one of the best ever, and it isn't your ordinary Thanksgiving dinner. There is a ton more good stuff at the link. [TV Squad]

Here's an interview with Zachary Levi and Josh Gomez: [BuzzSugar]