Will There Be A ‘Chicago Fire’ Season 2?

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April 2, 2013

chicagofireHi there Chicago Fire fan, thanks for stopping by! Lest you worry that you’re not going to see more of Chicago’s hottest firemen slaying fires and saving lives in season 2, you’re in the right place.

On this article, we’ve rounded-up the facts regarding the possible fate of the fireman drama on whether or not it can get a season 2 renewal. Keep reading for our early prediction –

Chicago Fire premiered with weak ratings (6.61 mil/1.9) on its original Wednesday 10pm berth on NBC. However, in week three, the series surged a huge 20% change and a 1.8 rating on the same adult demo. According to Deadline, Law and Order: SVU which aired its 300th episode that same week, served as a great lead-in for the struggling drama.

On the heels of the aforementioned good news, the network has ordered five more additional episodes for the Dick Wolf-produced series. Week five showed tremendous promise as Chicago Fire brought in another huge 38% change in rating — plus gaining 7.03 million set of eyeballs, a 25% increase from its previous outing. On that note, NBC has officially ordered the series a 24-episode freshman run after being upped from the previous 23. and 22.

So far, the following episodes of Chicago Fire have served the network a streak of impressive performances. Albeit going against the well-watched CSI from CBS, the NBC rookie has evidently fared strong.

While NBC is yet to announce the official renewal of its primetime listings for the 2013-2014 fall lineup, we predict that Chicago Fire is a ‘slum dunk’ for season 2.

Do you want NBC to renew Chicago Fire?

  • volunteer firefighter

    I sure hope they renew the show! Not only can I relate to the show, but I love my Chicago Fire men! ? Especially good ole Casey & Severide! : )


    NBC better not play with me, they better renew Chicago Fire. I truly love this show!!

  • Area

    They better renew Chicago fire. I’ll never watch NBC again if they pull this awesome show

  • series watcher

    heck yea!! Its the best show ever!!!!! i love this show and firemen! Go Chicago fire i will be watching!!!

  • karenlee558

    I really love this show. I don’t watch too much tv, but I love this one! Please renew!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aimee.bedell Aimee Bedell

    they better renew it! This show is awesome! I even got my boyfriend hooked on it. We always watch it together. I think the timeslot is horrible for it. It needs to be changed, that is why there isn’t a lot viewers, but if everyone spreads the word about this show we can get the viewer ratings higher! NBC renew this AWESOME show!!!! :)

  • RFD

    Dont know what made me watch Chicago Fire but i cant stop watching i dont watch tv to much i am a gamer but now i have to watch an episode before i go to sleep. I started watching last weekend and finished this weekend and i must say i will be highly upset if they choose not to renew i mean what happens with casey and dawson and pete

  • yyity

    This is my second favourite show … If anyone decides to cut it, I’ll have them fucking necked for misconduct of the public.

  • <3ChicagoFire

    LOVE this show XD

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernigirl1 Bernadette Evans


  • lil CG

    Severide <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 : )

  • mal

    I really hope so cause I LOVE this show its my new favorite!

  • irene

    Love Chicago Fire but can’t stand the voice makeover for the season 2 premier.. I watched it in mute mode. Hope to god this isn’t the norm for the season..