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Chasing Life

Season 1 Episode 12

Next April

April returns to work and learns there have been major changes at the paper during her absence...

Season 1 Episode 11



Season 1 Episode 10

Finding Chemo

April's strength is tested when she begins chemo...

Season 1 Episode 2

Help Wanted

April grapples with the revelation about her health...

Season 1 Episode 1


One young woman's journey begins in the series premiere of Chasing Life. April (Italia Ricci) is a smart, charismatic and quick witted twenty-something aspiring journalist. In an unexpected twist of fate, April lands in the hospital and she learns the devastating news that she has cancer. The series follows April through her journey in the face of this daunting revelation, during a time in her life when the challenges of finding love and success would be enough to keep any girl occupied. But April is determined to fight and refuses to give up her dreams and goals....

Season 1 Episode Christmas Special

Locks of Love

April’s grandparents come to visit, and April gets a chemo makeover....