‘Vegas’ and ‘Golden Boy’ Cancelled

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May 11, 2013

130307golden-boy-vegas1_300x206Freshmen series Vegas and Golden Boy will not be seeing another day. On Friday (5/10/2013), The CBS network has officially cancelled both shows after one season.

Unfortunately, both of the shows’ performance in ratings were unimpressive. Vegas’ penultimate episode grabbed 7.38 million viewers and a 0.9 demo rating. While Golden Boy’s most recent episode pulled in just under 7 million viewers and a 1.2 rating.

Will you miss Vegas and Golden Boy?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Jesse-Lewis/1370920633 Steven Jesse Lewis

    Yes, I will miss the show. More importantly, I will now stop watching all of the shows I now watch on the three major networks. They keeps shows like The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, or the Good Wife while cancelling Golden Boy. Dumb, just really dumb. Now I can catch up on my reading.

  • oggjeri

    Golden Boy is a great show….well written and the characters are believable. I would much rather see shows like this than graphic torture and dismemberment shows like The Following. It’s a good detective show. Where do we write to keep the show on????

  • JB

    I watched them both and will miss them both. Both good shows. This is why I HATE THE NETWORKS!!

  • Jmiller

    i watch both shows. just finish watching goldenboy last episode online. as soon it end i went in search to see if it was gong to be renew for a 2nd run and i find this. i also watch vegas on ondemand i wonder if the network take in acount for those of us that can’t toon in to watch on the day of air but faithful watch them online or ondeman. i hope they reconsider renewing both, but i would love to see what happen in golden boy more great show really wanted to see how those 7 years played out