Will ‘Castle’ Flash Forward In The Season 4 Premiere?!?!

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July 2, 2011

Ausiello just dropped a huge blind item on everyone’s spoiler lap, referring to the show’s fanbase as ‘crazy-rabid and passionate’. I must say that Castle crossed my mind. We are a crazy and passionate fanbase. In addition, Ausiello just released another hint; ‘The show in question’ has a one word title.

The show in question will pick up right where last May’s season-ending cliffhanger left off… and then flash forward at some point during the episode. The insider wouldn’t reveal the exact magnitude of the time jump, except to say that it will be somewhere between three and 18 months. The source adds, somewhat cryptically, that, “Things are very different when the action picks up. A lot happens during that [skipped] time.”

If Castle and Beckett are flashed forward, where will that leave our favorite would-be-couple?
So, what are your thoughts?!
Could ‘the show in question’ be Castle?

  • HZW

    I don’t like that “flash forward/ Time Jump” at all.
    And if they do i hope it will be 3 months or less.
    18 months is way to long.

  • KateBeckett

    I hope they will be a couple after all.. if not this whole story is unreal and not acceptable – you got shot you die and after all you are not accepting the love ?? and for me that wouldbecouple is really getting boring.. i read the episodes and watch about 10 episodes from season 3 and it was more than enough… THEY SHOULD PUT MORE ROMANCE in it…and I think Kate and Rick is beaoming boring if they wont be a couple.

  • Boston

    Unfortunately – I can see what is next.  The papers will be mailed to Castle and he will step back from detective work to find Beckett’s Mother killer.  Beckett will have no idea what Castle is up to and will have moved on with her life.  YUCK!

  • Marilost

    nope, i think the show in question is bones – they’ve already said its premiere will jump ahead in time as Brennan is pregnant.