‘Castle’: The 12th Has Found It’s New Captain

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July 14, 2011

Good news Castle fans; The new 12th precinct captain has been found. The Larry Sanders Show and 24 alum, Penny Johnson Jerald, has been cast and will be shaking things up in Season 4. Jerald’s character Victoria Gates, aka ‘Iron Gates’, is career minded and only interested in climbing up the NYPD ranks. According to EP/Creator Andrew W. Marlow, she will not look favorably toward Castle and Beckett’s relationship and will most certainly create turmoil for our fav crime fighting team.

“Everybody’s getting along really well in the precinct, and we think there can be a little more conflict,” Marlowe revealed. “We think it’s interesting to grow Beckett and Castle by having somebody who … may not look as favorably on the Castle-Beckett relationship.”

Source: TV Guide