Tamala Jones Spoils Some Lanie/Esposito Scoop, Plus Season 4 Murder Deets

Tamala Jones Spoils Some Lanie/Esposito Scoop, Plus Season 4 Murder Deets

The folks over at Wetpaint scored an exclusive interview with Castle star Tamala Jones~Lanie. Jones spoiled about upcoming murders, Lanie's heightened involvement and gave up some delicious deets about her character's growing relationship with Esposito~Jon Huertas.

"They’ve had me a lot more involved in the crime scenes, even the secondary crime scenes that we’ve had. Some of the detective work happens after I’ve gone and autopsied the body. There were certain cases where I had to go out in the field with Beckett~Stana Katic to get the other part of the evidence so I could continue my job, which I thought was brilliant, how they incorporated that. They are adding a lot more Lanie. And there are a lot more sassy lines that you’re going to get from me, which I love", Tamala gushed.
"We have someone that was murdered and buried in cement. So, Lanie has got to get cement off and then we discover some other things that were on the body once that happens. The crime scenes are a little bit more crazy this season."

Tamala goes on to spoil about the adorable relationship quirks and bits of jealously that Lanie and Esposito will experience in season 4.

"I think you’re going to get both. It’s just going to be a nice balance. You know, Lanie has a little jealous streak and there was a situation at the crime scene where the murder victim was a famous person and she had the Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton syndrome, you know where a celebrity gets out of the car and you see she wasn’t wearing any underwear. So Ryan and Esposito have a conversation and I guess and they forgot Lanie was standing there." Jones goes on to reveal, "So, you see a little sass between Lanie and Esposito in that particular scene, which I think Ryan’s going to go nuts over because you know Lanie’s got such a smart mouth. It’s just regular relationship blues that you’re gonna see. You know, it happens. I don’t think we’re gonna break up but there’s going to be some tension there. And likely so. At this point, I would say that the honeymoon stage is over."

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