Stana Katic Teases A ‘Natural Progression’, Plus A Lighter Episode With “Cuffed”

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November 23, 2011

Monday’s Castle was intense to say the least and after Beckett’s confession, Stana Katic promises that ‘just going to be together’.

Well, don’t expect her to run straight into Castle’s arms. After all, we’re pretty sure that secret he’s keeping from her will rear its ugly head at some point. But Stana Katic remains optimistic, despite the obstacles. “The more the characters grow, the more undeniable it will be that the two of them are just going to be together,” she says. “It’s a natural progression. It’s not a matter of teasing the audience; it’s just a matter of fully fleshing out the characters and [then] it’ll just happen. It will have to.”

After such a pivotal episode, star Stana Katic reveals “Cuffed” will be much lighter.

Leading lady Stana Katic threw around words like “cute” and “adorable” when TVLine’s Matt Webb Mitovich grilled her about the unorthodox hour. “It will be a lighter episode, something that will take the edge off of [this week's] “Kill Shot” and offer some balance,” she adds. “We get to see the whole gang and their hijinks!”

Source: TV Line, TV Guide