Stana Katic Spoils Tonight’s, “Kill Shot”: Plus, New CTV Promo

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November 21, 2011

Castle star Stana Katic gave the EW the skinny on tonight’s epiosde, “Kill Shot”. The lovely Katic spoils about how her PTSD will hit home and much more. Plus, the Canadian CTV promo is below for your enjoyment ;)

“I was really excited that we are continuing to delve deeper into the characters and keeping some of those major events we’ve played going and giving them a longer life, which is something that’s true this season,” Katic teases. “I think this episode highlights the fact that she’s that modern-day hero who is not perfect, but trying to do her best. She doesn’t always make the best choices or the right choices, but she’s trying to grow and push for her better self. It’s a character and hero people can relate to. I don’t think we have Supermen anymore. We have people who are flawed and those are interesting people to watch.”

Katic also spoils on the progression of her growing bond with Castle.

“This is part of that romantic progression,” she says. “There aren’t as many ‘Castle/Beckett solving the crime’ moments as there usually are, but one of the things that’s been holding Beckett back is the fact that she knows in order to be a fully invested partner and person in a relationship, she has to have some sort of closure on this unsolved murder of her mother. Beckett is hitting a point, by the end of this episode, where she decides that she’s the one who’s going to take her life by the reigns and take control of it.” Stana goes on to reveal, “She’s going to decide which rules she wants to play by, and I think, she’s going to choose to dive in. There’s a really beautiful moment at the end where she doesn’t want to be defined by that experience anymore, which brings her so much closer to saying, ‘You know what, Castle? I love you, too.’”