Castle Spoilers: Upcoming Episodes With A Supernatural Twist, Plus A Revealing Ryan-centric Installment

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February 25, 2013

Castle EP Andrew Marlowe has some spoilery tidbits to pass along about the fun upcoming episodes of his ABC’s hit crime drama. Marlowe teases a fun episode with a seemingly supernatural twist, as well as a Ryan-centric installment that will reveal more of Detective Ryan’s past as a narcotics detective.

“We have a really fun episode where a woman is murdered and it seems like something supernatural is responsible,” reports executive producer Andrew Marlowe. “And [they discover] — not unlike the Ring — a videotape message that creepy and appears to Castle to be haunted. After seeing it, he’s convinced he’s going to be the next victim — and he may not be wrong.”

An upcoming episode is going to delve back into Ryan’s past as a detective in narcotics. “A person from one of his old cases resurfaces and it forces him to go undercover again,” says Marlowe, “and it’s a much different Ryan we get to see. He’s sort of put an aspect of himself behind him [when he] went to be a homicide detective and became the sweater vest guy — but he wasn’t always that guy.

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Source: EW