'Castle' Spoilers Susan Sullivan Talks The Big Reveal, A New Dynamic & Martha's Future

'Castle' Spoilers Susan Sullivan Talks The Big Reveal, A New Dynamic & Martha's Future

Castle's Susan Sullivan~Martha spoiled to TV Fanatic about Caskett and a possible new love interest for Martha in season 5. The always charming Sullivan also revealed some insight into her character's path for season 5 and beyond.

The Big Reveal
Martha's a pretty wise, experienced old soul. I doubt that she would stay in the dark for too long. I'd really be ruining it if I told you. It's a very charming turn, the way that it all comes to the surface. And you're right. They do have a unique and special relationship and part of what makes any show or book or piece of art really work is the truthfulness of it, number one. And truth always has within it and characters always have within them contradictions. Of course Martha and Castle and all of the characters are loaded with contradictions.

A New Dynamic
That's the fear when you have people come together but from the first five scripts that I've read, I think they are handling this brilliantly. I am so impressed. I remember I read the first episode and I went to the writer and I said the curse of Moonlighting is broken. They've moved it to another dynamic and you can just feel that it's going to have its own life and it's going to be as interesting a life, just in a different way with the two of them now connected.

Martha, Season 5 & Beyond
I kind of like Martha's direction. She is in my mind and was when I created her, an homage to my own mother who just died in November. I've thrown some of my mother's lines like You is who you is and if you ain't who you is, who is you? My mother would also sit on the park bench here in New York and if anybody sat down next to her she would find out who they were and help them with their lives whether they wanted it or not. So that's a little bit of who Martha is to me. I thought it would be fun, that Martha might have a crush on Beckett's father. That would be fun I think, and he (Scott Paulin) is a really nice guy and a good actor. It's really been a great joy and a gentle gift to be able to play her. Wherever she goes, it's fun for me.

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