Castle Spoilers: Season 6 Premiere Title Revealed, Gun Shots, Baby Ryan And More!!

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September 7, 2013

I am happy to spoil that the season 6 opener will be titled “Valkyrie”, landing on the more serious side. The premiere will leave you breathless will gun shots and more than one major character in very real danger. Castle kicks off season 6, September 23rd @10/9c on ABC.

The season tends to some necessary housekeeping regarding Beckett’s two decisions right out of the gate, but after that the show wastes no time ratcheting up the action. In fact, before the premiere is over, one major character gets shot and another is in mortal peril. Although one of those scenarios is a fake-out, the other is alarmingly real.

Bonus Scoop
Baby Ryan

Executive Producer Andrew Marlowe reports they’re “just starting to explore that [Baby Ryan].” But, he adds, “my assumption is we will get to meet the baby and that that episode will be late this fall.”

Episode Themes

There will be a few serious (the premiere) and a few funny (the Saved by the Bell-paroding episode). Plus some adventure, too! Marlowe told me that one episode during the first half of the season will have a “Da Vinci Code/National Treasure” feel to it.